Nikada ne možeš pogriješiti kombinirajući bijelu košulju i traperice! U mom slučaju, trapke su prugaste što daje dodatnu čar ovom look-u. Obožavam prugaste uzorke, a vi? Ove hlače nabavila sam u Zari, udobne su i obožavam što su ‘visokog struka’. Što kažete na ovaj outfit? Inače, u Gdansku je poprilično zahladilo. Dok vam pišem ovaj post, pokrivena sam s dekicom, čaj je na stolu i omiljeni pulover je na meni. Kako je kod vas? Jeste li još u ljetnim kombinacijama, haljinicama ili kao djevojke ovdje prelazite na gležnjače, kožne jakne i pulovere? :) P.S. Ako vam se sviđa moj sat (kojeg ja i Kendall Jener obožavamo :D ), još uvijek možete na www.danielwellington.com iskoristiti moj kod ‘dorinlucissima’ za 15% popusta pri kupnji sata i uz njega dobivate još jedan remen besplatno!

You can never get wrong with white blouse and jeans! In my case those striped jeans pants are making this outfit looking even more better. I really like stripes! Do you like them? I got this pants in Zara, they are so comfortable and I love them because of ‘hight waist’ design. What do you think about this look? So, here in Gdansk autumn came earlier. While writing this post I am all covered up with blanket, the cup of tea is on the table and I am wearing my favourite sweater. And how’s the weather at your place? Can you still wear summer dresses or you are like girls here in ankle boots, leather jackets and sweaters? :) P.S. If you like my Daniel Wellington watch ( which Kendall Jenner and me adore the most :D ) you can still use my code on their web shop ‘dorinlucissima’ for 15% off any watch and that’ s not all, you will get an extra strap for free! Worldwide shipping is included!

Mango blouse / Zara jeans and shoes / Gucci belt / H&M eyewear and earrings / Daniel Wellington watch and bracelet / Šaptač cipelama purse

Location: Sopot, Poland

Create your own sunshine. D.L.









Ljetna sniženja idealna su za pronaći odlične knit komade (barem u mom slučaju), ali i pokoji ljetni komad. Ovu savršenu, trendi haljinu cvjetnog uzorka pronašla sam u Mangu po super cijeni i obožavam je! Mint zelena hit je boja sezone, ali i ‘must’ boja za nadolazeću jesensku sezonu. Inače volim pastelne boje, a mint zelenu posebno, svaku kombinaciju čini jednostavnom i elegantnom, totalno moj ‘đir’! Što mislite o ovom outfitu? Lajkate i vi ovu trendi boju? :)

Summer sales are the best to grab some knit piece (at least in my case) but also some great summerish piece. This lovely and trendy floral pattern dress was bought in Mango and I love it! Mint green is a ‘must’ color of the season. Although I like pastel colors, mint green is my favourite because it makes every outfit looking simple and elegant. It totally fits my style. What do you think about this outfit? Do you like this trendy color? :)

Mango dress / Zara shoes / Šaptač cipelama sunnies / H&M earrings / Daniel Wellington and Borboleta bracelets

Location: Old town Gdansk, Poland

Photo: bae :)

Create your own sunshine! D.L.



Divna nedjelja… Malo sunca, malo kiše, čisto jesenje vrijeme. Zagazili smo duboko u listopad… Ovih dana nekako sam puna novih ideja, puna pozitivnih misli i osmijeha. Svako novo poglavlje u knjizi mog života sve je vedrije. Za sve je zaslužna ljubav. Kad si zaljubljen i voljen možeš premještati brda i planine! Zar nije tako? Iskreno, ja sam mrvicu zaljubljena i u moje nove Mango čizmice koje danas možete vidjeti. Boja, materijal, sve je totalno fall đir! Sretan je trenutak kada na ljetnim sniženjima uloviš neki must have komad, a onda ga opet na jesen vidiš u dućanima ,no po troduplo većoj cijeni. Haha, goal achieved! Ista stvar dogodila mi se i sa ovom Zarinom haljinicom, koja je malo je reći, preslatka. Ah, volim pametno kupovati. Nisu novci ti koji grade stil, već ono s čime razmišljaš i što imaš u sebi. Ne treba ti hrpa novaca da bi izgledao/la chic, nemoj to zaboraviti!

Lovely Sunday… A little bit of sun, a bit of rain, pure fall weather. We are already deep in October… These days I feel like I’m full of great ideas, positive thoughts and I am always smiling. Every new chapter in the book of my life is getting happier. And I can just say thanks to love. When you are in love and when you are loved you can move hills and mountains. Am I right? Honestly, I am a bit in love with my new Mango boots which you can see in this post. The colour, material, everything is so in the style of fall. One happy moment was when I bought these boots on summer sale and yesterday I saw them in the store but they are now like triple expensive. Haha, goal achieved! Same thing happened with this dress which is so cute! Oh, I just love being smart and lucky while shopping, haha… Money is not the one who create the style, it is what you have inside yourself and you don’t need a lot of money to look chic, never forget that!






Zara dress / Bershka shirt / Mango boots / Marie bracelet

Photo: Željka Molnar

Create your own sunshine! D.L.


Stigla nam je jesen! Ta stara dama, okusa vina i mirisa pečenih kestena… Ima nešto u ovome dobu, nešto sneno i spokojno. Pada lišće, padaju kiše, sunce nas jutrima samo zavarava… Za mene je jesen vrijeme nježnosti i vrijeme novih životnih poglavlja. Kako vi doživljavate jesen? Osim što priroda mijenja boju, i u mom ormaru zbivaju se promjene. Ondje sada prevladavaju smeđi tonovi, sivi, burgundi… Mantil sa Šaptača Cipelama i čizmice iz Manga, koje vidite na fotkama, moj su ulov ove jeseni. Jednostavno ih obožavam i pristaju uz gotovo svaki komad iz moje garderobe. Lajkate? ;) Pusa svima, uživajte u jeseni, i ne zaboravite dopušteno je sanjariti! D.L.

Autumn has arrived! That old lady with a taste of wine and smell of baked chestnuts… There is something in this season, something dreamy and tranquil. Leaves are falling and rains, sun in the morning is only fooling with us… For me, fall is the season of tenderness and for some new life pages. How do you experience autumn? Nature is about to change colors but so it’s my closet! There you can find some brown, grey, burgundy notes and others. Coat from Šaptač Cipelama and boots from Mango, which you can see at the photos, are definitely  my fall’s catch! I absolutely adore them ’cause they fit whit almost every piece from my closet. Do you like this outfit? ;) Kisses to everyone, enjoy this autumn and don’t forget it is allowed to dream a lot! D.L.






Šaptač cipelama coat and bag / Zara shirt / Bershka jeans / Mango boots

Photo: Željka Molnar

Create your own sunshine! D.L.


Blue Lagoon

Evo mene, napokon vam pišem! Zatrpali su me ispiti i posao, no sada kada je sve uspješno riješeno, Lucissima će se napokon posvetiti modnom svijetu! :) Vjerujem da vam je svima, kao i meni, zanimljiv ovaj savršeni i neobični kaput hrvatskog brenda ‘Aman‘. Što kažete? Mislim da jedan ovakav odjevni komad moramo imati u ormaru, jer podigne i najobičniju kombinaciju. Ako želite biti zapaženi, onda je ovaj kaputić idealan za vas! Iako su moji favoriti zimi sivi, nude, i crni tonovi, ponekad mi trebaju vedre boje. Na taj način si stvaram sunce u ovim tmurnim, zimskim danima. Pokušajte i vi. ;) Pišem vam uskoro, obećajem! Pusa…

Here I am, finally writing to you all! I had so much things to do at my job and all the exams at college, but now when it’s all done, Lucissima can focus on her fashion world! :) I believe that you are interested about this coat which is made by Croatian brand ‘Aman‘ such as I am. It is so perfect and unusal, we should all have one like this one in our closet ’cause it takes every outfit to a higher level. What do you think? If you want to be noticed, then this coat is perfect for you! Although my favorite “colors” in winter are grey, black, beige…, I also like to wear some other beautiful colors like those on the coat. Wearing them I am creating my own sunshine in this cold and cloudy days. You should try it too. ;) I’ll write soon, promise! Kiss…











Coat Aman / Pants & top Mango / Shoes Cavallino
Photo: Željka Molnar

Create your own sunshine! :) D.L.


Let Me Be Your Sparkle

Evo mene opet! :) Totalno sam se prebacila na boje rujna, kao što vidite. Mislim da je ovaj outfit za sve nas savršen za izlazak sa svojim muškarcem, ujedno je elegantan, ali i zavodljiv. Sigurna sam da ćete primjetiti nešto gorljivo i ponosno u njegovom pogledu. Zato drage moje, požurite u Mango po ovaj divan kombinezon i neka jesen postane toplija unatoč ružnim, nadolazećim prognozama, ako me razumijete… ;) P.S. Dobila sam dosta vaših upita o tome koje preparate za kosu koristim, šminku , kozmetiku i slično, pa uskoro krećem sa beauty kategorijom i sve ću vam otkriti. :)

Here I am again! :) I totally switched to the colors of September as you can see. This is the perfect outfit for a date with your man, it is elegant but also seductive. I’m sure that you will notice something passionately and proudly in his eyes. So girls, hurry up to Mango and catch this lovely jumpsuit. Let this fall become warmer than usually, if you know what I mean… ;) P.S. I got a lot of your e-mails about my favorite hair products, about my make-up, etc. So soon I’ll start with my beauty category and you will find out everything! :)









Mango jumpsuit / C&A topcoat / H&M bag / Cavallino shoes
Photo: Željka Molnar

Create your own sunshine! :) D.L.